This Is Called Being A Teenager

Though I Don't Quite Understand It

Jaclyn Toni
11 March
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I am Jackie. And here's a bunch of pointless facts about, well, me.

I'm bad at math/ People say I'm weird... This may or may not be true/ Music it not my life... READING is/ Fall Out Boy is overrated but I listen to them anyways/ I have a tendecy of thinking things instead of saying them out loud/ My favourite colours are Brown, grey and green/ I love boys and girls... this does not make me bisexual/ I like holding hands/ I can be mean if you let me/ I'm a kleptomaniac/ I'm not a very good speller/ I hate wearing bras/ I eat meat/ I Am Shy/ I love receiving and giving hugs/ But I like kisses better♥/ I'm obsessed with Papaya/ I don't know how to photoshop/ I watch anime and read manga... and fall in love with the characters/ I feel as if every song I hear was made just for me/ Compliment me and I'll love you/ I think about SEX... a lot/ I like the size of my boobs/ I am very indecisive/ I suck at keeping secrets... But shh... It's a secret/ I like the number SIX and all of its multiples/ Rainbows make me happy/ I'm not afraid of change/ I think Natalie Portman is the prettiest actress ever/ Sometimes I just won't shut up... hit me if you have to/ Amelia is my best friend on this planet and I don't know what I would do without her/ I have a tattoo It didn't hurt that much/ I can't see out of my right eye/ I laugh when things aren't funny/ I have a tendency to lie/ I usually forget where I put things and I spend a lot of time looking for them/ I'm comfortable with silences/ My biggest fear is ending up like my parents/ I hate it when people 'whatever' me/ I bite the skin around my fingernails when I'm thinking/ I do things just to how how people will react/ I can't stop thinking about you